Eucalyptus fluff offers many advantages for companies aiming to reach their sustainability targets. One of the key advantages of Eucafluff that stands out is its lower impact on land use when compared to Pinus fluff. 

According to the Eucafluff Life Cycle Assessment, the eucalyptus fluff produced in southeastern Brazil by Suzano, has an impact 82% lower in the Land Use category when compared to the Pinus fluff produced in the southeastern USA. This is due to some comparative advantages of eucalyptus. The first is the time it takes to harvest: while the eucalyptus cutting cycle takes seven (7) years, that of pine takes 27 years. We have almost four (4) cycles of eucalyptus during just one (1) cycle of Pinus. In addition, the eucalyptus farmings produce almost 30% more wood per hectare than the Pinus ones, and we need less eucalyptus wood (m³) to produce the same amount of fluff.*

If we convert this productivity into gains to the end products footprint, we can state that one (1) eucalyptus tree is able to supply feminine hygiene pads for two (2) women during their entire reproductive life (around 45 years), while one (1) American pine tree serves only one (1) woman for the same period of time. As a result, the use of end products made with Eucafluff exerts less pressure on nature than those produced with softwood pulp.

Want to know more? Check out our infographics and find out how Eucafluff can reduce the environmental footprint of your product. In the infographics, you can also see why we can produce more feminine hygiene pads, baby diapers, and underpads with eucalyptus than with pine, reducing your impact on nature.

*LCA made by ACV Brasil / Third Part Review by KPMG, according to the standards of ISO 14040 and ISO 14044.

Sources: Puettmann, Maureen; Oneil, Elaine; Milota, Mike and Johnson, Leonard. Cradle to Gate Life Cycle Assessment of Softwood Lumber Production from the Southeast. Available at: https://corrim.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/SE-Lumber-LCA-may-2013 final.pdf  

Eucafluff® environmental footprint