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More softness and flexibility: thinner, more discreet and comfortable products

Improvement in rewetting readings: dry skin

Better liquid distribution: fewer leaks

Greater absorption capacity: the product can be used for longer

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Eucafluff: better rewet results

Why do diapers, feminine pads, and incontinence products produced with Eucafluff® perform better in rewetting readings? This advantage exists thanks to the unique morphology of our eucalyptus hardwood, which, because it is smaller and thinner, results in the production of softer panels with more filaments per gram and lower mass than softwood fluff. Because the spaces between the fibers in Eucafluff® pads are smaller, there is more retention of the absorbed liquid, thus ensuring that the consumer’s skin stays dry for much longer.

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Eucafluff: more flexibility and softness

Eucalyptus hardwood is smaller and softer than pine, allowing for producing thinner, softer and more flexible cores. In other words, Eucafluff offers more comfort and discretion for the end-consumer.


Eucafluff: greater compaction, lower cost

Because it offers greater compressibility power, the use of Eucafluff® improves the core’s embossment pattern and reduces its volume. This makes it possible to reduce the packaging size, decreasing plastic consumption as well as lowering the costs of packaging, transportation and storage for the industry.

Fluff Long Fiber
Fluff Long Fiber

Eucafluff: absorbs more liquid and reduces the chances of leaks

Lab testing has shown that, because it has shorter fibers and thinner walls that softwood fluff, Eucafluff promotes better liquid distribution on the absorbent core, increasing its total volume capacity, reducing the occurrence of leaks and boosting SAP action.

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Eucafluff is designed for disposable absorbent products

Eucafluff® is an innovative product that was designed for disposable sanitary absorbent products and other personal hygiene items. Everything to bring end consumers more quality, comfort and well-being. In addition, it is a sustainable solution that comes from a renewable source, with lower carbon footprint.

Produtos femininos
Sanitary napkins

Thinner, more flexible and comfortable pads

Produtos infantis
Diapers and pull-ups

Keep the baby’s skin dry for longer

Produtos para adultos
Adult incontinence products

Dry skin, more comfort and discretion

Produtos para pet
Pet pads

Best use of the core and dry paws that don’t get the house dirty

Produtos hospitalares
Hospital supplies

Flexibility, softness and less rewet

Eucafluff is part of the solution

Sustainability allied with innovation

Eucafluff was developed to offer the market a differentiated raw material with less environmental impact*.
Our Eucalyptus Fluff is extracted from plantations that follow responsible management, from the development of the seedling to harvesting of the adult tree. Our plantations are certified by the recognized certification standards PEFC® and FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council® – FSC-CO10014).
Moreover, our Eucalyptus Fluff is approved as an authorized raw material for products that bear the EU Ecolabel, adopted in the European Union community.

*as per life cycle assessment study results, when compared to pine Fluff produced in the southeastern United States.
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Smaller environmental footprint with Eucafluff

The Eucafluff® life cycle assessment, performed on a comparative basis with pine fluff from Southeastern USA, demonstrate that our product delivers favorable result in several environmental impact categories, with lower greenhouse gas emissions, lower consumption of water and fossil fuels, and requiring less land use for its production*. With the high technology implemented at Suzano’s eucalyptus plantations and an expanded focus on sustainability in all production and logistics stages, today we can produce more fluff in less time, consuming fewer natural resources and reducing the environmental impact along the entire production chain.

*This study aimed to compare the environmental impact between different systems for the fluff pulp production, using data on Fluff produced by Suzano in Brazil and Fluff produced in the Southeastern United States.

Check our infographics to find out how EUCAFLUFF® actually helps to reduce the impact of consumption on the use of natural resources.

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Eucafluff is part of something bigger

Suzano, which has been working to become a global reference in the manufacturing of bioproducts developed from eucalyptus cultivation, understands that its reason for existing lies in trees. It is from trees that we have come this far, and it is through them that we will build the future we want for our planet today.

Renewing life inspired by trees

This is Suzano’s purpose. This is what gives us the strength to move forward and contribute to building a more sustainable society based on renewable raw materials. Trees are part of the solution to society’s challenges, such as climate change, natural resource scarcity, biodiversity loss, and increasing social inequality.

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Zero deforestation and commitment to conservation

Renewing life from trees is producing in harmony with nature, respecting ecosystems. Suzano recognizes the importance of protecting all Brazilian biomes and their rich biodiversity, which is why it does not engage in any type of native forest suppression. Our raw material comes exclusively from commercial eucalyptus plantations (planted and harvested for this purpose) and only established in areas that had already suffered human interference. Suzano’s forestry base encompasses approximately 2.4 million hectares, divided as follows:

Compromisso de desmatamento zero

1.2 million hectares of planted areas, sustained by the best management and cultivation practices

Monitoramento e conservação da biodiversidade

1 million hectares reserved for conservation.

Gestão de recursos hídricos

77% of areas certified by FSC® and PEFC/CERFLOR

*Source: Suzano 2021 Annual Report.
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Fighting climate change

Renewing life from trees is removing and storing tons of carbon so that we can be climate-positive. We have one of the largest forestry bases in the world, a valuable asset for both the company and the world. Together, our Eucalyptus plantations and conservation areas capture and store over 336 million tons of CO2. This directly contributes to the fight against climate change. Today, Suzano is already carbon-positive. In other words, we capture more carbon than we emit in our operations. We are committed to expanding this result by 2030, increasing our ability to remove carbon from the atmosphere and the benefit delivered to society.

*This study aimed to compare the environmental impact between different systems for the fluff pulp production, using data on Fluff produced by Suzano in Brazil and Fluff produced in the Southeastern United States.

Check our infographic to see the main highlights of the Eucafluff® carbon footprint.

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How can we contribute to your sustainability goals?

Watch the video and learn more
Sustentabilidade da eucafluff



Technical aspects

A successful application depends on the joint work done by our technical team with your company. For this reason, we provide specialized consulting throughout the industrial testing process until approval of Eucafluff® in your production process.

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How to make the most of Eucafluff

High-tech machines present the ideal conditions for a successful application.
  • High defibration level
  • Channels embossing rolls
  • Wrapped panel: Wrapped core
  • Two-layer panel: Two-layer core
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Few steps to a great result

Some adjustments also need to be made to your equipment so that you can start producing quality personal hygiene items.

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