We Are Part of the Solution

The world we live in is undergoing profound transformations. It’s clear that any solution which is considered by the industry must have sustainability as its basic premise. Therefore, innovation must be at the service of it, and this, at Suzano, we call innovability

What we offer to our customers are alternatives with high aggregate technology and, the best, coming from renewable sources with sustainable forest management. It is in this context that we created Eucafluff. The world’s first eucalyptus fluff pulp.

It guarantees the consumer goods industry the use of a raw material with low carbon footprint potential while delivering the attributes required by the market, thus allowing the final consumer to have a more efficient product that offers greater well-being. 

Eucafluff’s Life Cycle Assessment shows that the product has a lower environmental footprint, with lower greenhouse gas emissions, lower water and fossil fuel consumption, and reduced land use*. With the leading technology implemented in Suzano’s eucalyptus plantations and the focus on expanded sustainability for all stages of production and logistics, today it is possible to produce more fluff in a shorter forestry cycle, consuming fewer natural resources and thus reducing the environmental impact throughout the production chain.

I invite you to learn more about this unique product on the market.

Suzano Eucafluff

*as per life cycle assessment study results, when compared to pine Fluff produced in the southeastern United States.